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Endless energy!

Endless energy!

Dorothy had her ruby red slippers and Batman his bat mobile. I possess an intangible object that everyone recognizes immediately: energy. It is palpable whether it is used in passionately joyful discourse as I teach poetry to eager teens or spewed in red hot angry articulation as a character on stage. It inspires and intimidates.

People often ask where it comes from as it seems to be a presence wherever I go. This gift of endless energy is embedded in my DNA. My mom passed it down to me, but through this genetic transference, it tripled.

My energy achieves career goals, completes six tasks at once, creates art journals, competes in cycling races, pumps weights, writes prose and poetry, listens intently for understanding and shouts from the rooftops. It partners with charisma and eloquent word play to draw others inside my circle. This gift of energy is one I am grateful for.


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