Whimsicalart Houses!


Here are my just-completed mixed media custom ordered cards…watercolor, ink and Gelly pen accents!



Birthday Joy!


Custom birthday cards created by moi! The creative process is a rush! When I get into its groove, I literally stop for nothing: forgetting to eat, drink or move!


Daily Post- Free Write 9 October 2014

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Early morning. The world still sleeps. My favorite. Refreshed from the night, I am alone with my thoughts; my doggies as silent company. The day ahead has no rights or wrongs because it has yet to be born.



Much to Be Grateful For…

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My health is first on my list of “gratitude.” Without it I would be unable to embrace my other aspects of wonderful! Dennis-Kip-Kali! Family who accept me unconditionally. This home we own that keeps me warm and safe from the elements. Then there are my furry kids who bring me daily joy. Such precious earth angels. There are more life pieces that puzzle together to give me this very rich life, but space and time elude me.