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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do or Die.”

The only man I truly trust and like: Dennis. His gifts of character? So many. Comfortable with his own sexuality, he has never felt threatened by my strength and intelligence. Unconditional positive regard is one of his daily gifts to me.  Initially his  biggest allure was the way he connected, respected  and engaged with the students he taught and coached. These qualities extended to his own two kids. He parents his children with strength, humor and compassion.

My own father was not a responsible provider; I needed that in my own partner. One of nine kids of a ranching family, my man learned a work ethic and a teamwork spirit that permeates all he does. Then there is his sense of humor. Life’s knocks are softer because of his humorous life view.

Dennis is a man who is loved by many and revered by me…forty years and counting.

Authentic Love

Creative Non-Fiction, Daily Prompt


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My home life was imploding during those middle school years. He saw my light and helped it to shine. My choir teacher’s belief in my singing talents and choosing to showcase them helped me to rise above the dysfunctional episodes at home.