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A tricky one to accomplish. 





A JustJudyArt commission for an educator to use with her fifth graders this upcoming school year. 



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“Life begets energy. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that we become rich.” –Sarah Bernhardt

I am grateful to have an inordinate amount of energy. It creates more energy whenever I let it fly. Responses vary. People cannot help but react in various ways: shock, joy, repulsion, fear, connectivity. I could go on.

My energy is grounded in my joy for life, and how loved and supported I am by my husband and close friends. 


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brilliant Disguise.”

She sat in the second row and never contributed to any of our literary analysis discussions. An average student in my senior English class, she came dressed in an expensive brand of “sprayed on” pants and shirts, her push up bra creating a visible cleavage. ┬áIt was apparent she spent much energy on her dark eyeliner, heavy-handed eye shadow and coiffed brilliantly-white blonde hair. Her image screamed, “Notice me!”

All I could think was “What a hoochie momma!”

I was taken by surprise when she asserted,

“I would really like to be your teaching assistant spring term.”

Oh, geezo, how do I tell her nicely, “no way”. It was so difficult to take her seriously given the way she was groomed. What kind of efficient could she be?

I turned her down, but she persisted. My department chair encouraged me to take on a TA knowing the grading and recording load English teachers deal with. So, I recanted. My need for help was at a desperation level that matched my stress.

Double wow! The sexual image she projected through her clothes, hair and make-up was in direct contrast to her work ethic. She turned out to be one of my best TA’s. Focused, accurate and a self starter, she kept me afloat.

Jessica taught me the true meaning of “not judging a book by its cover.”

Smashing Stereotypes

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