Daily Do’s!

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I started a bullet journal in January. My goal was to create a “pretty place” for my daily “to do” list. Following a multitude of bullet journalists on IG, I quickly decided I would NOT track every aspect of my life! Whew. I do not want to invest THAT kind of energy. I do, however, want to track/showcase my daily lettering, a daily reflection and gratitudes. As a result, I have a daily log of my art typography, daily do’s and gratitudes. #gratifying



Creative Lettering, Hand Lettering, Mental health, Modern calligraphy, Wise Words

Women, in general, have been conditioned to do everything and take care of everyone. Unfortunately, after a time it depletes all good energy. Self-care includes learning the art of saying, “No.” 
I use to be a pleaser, doing everything for everyone as my source of validation. It impacted my physical and emotional health. Putting my mental health first, I began saying, “No.” I quickly discovered who truly cared for me and who cared about how I performed for them. Bam.