My Kids 1st!

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When my two kids were smallish, I told them I would save them first if we found ourselves in a sinking ship. 

“What about Dad?” was their worried response.

“Meh. He can save himself.” Subtext: you will understand one day.💗 




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When you put out good energy, it returns. It is insurance for when the negative occurs: false assumptions, being misjudged, losing a position based on others’ poor judgment. Hold on. 

A history of putting that positive vibe out there will return, often twofold. So, know that you will


Risking for Art

Art Journals, JustJudyArt - greeting cards

I had to let go of outside voices in regards to my creations. The process of creating my greeting cards and art journal pages generates an almost Zen state: color combining, finding that mixed media alchemy and drafting just the right prose. The world does not intrude, gazing from afar.  The finished pieces? Joy and pride intertwine.