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I am particularly drawn to two types of art: whimsical and folk art. My daughter’s French Bulldog inspired this piece. Thanks, Kali and Chauncy!


Risking for Art

Art Journals, JustJudyArt - greeting cards

I had to let go of outside voices in regards to my creations. The process of creating my greeting cards and art journal pages generates an almost Zen state: color combining, finding that mixed media alchemy and drafting just the right prose. The world does not intrude, gazing from afar.  The finished pieces? Joy and pride intertwine. 


Much to Be Grateful For…

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My health is first on my list of “gratitude.” Without it I would be unable to embrace my other aspects of wonderful! Dennis-Kip-Kali! Family who accept me unconditionally. This home we own that keeps me warm and safe from the elements. Then there are my furry kids who bring me daily joy. Such precious earth angels. There are more life pieces that puzzle together to give me this very rich life, but space and time elude me.