Fresh Start


Today I set up my official “JustJudyArt” online store!  I have deleted my Etsy store. Etsy is no longer a site for small, hand-created products such as myself.  It has gone public, taking on any type of business–corporations and such. No thanks. will feature my original card creations. Multi-media designs, whimsical art is my joy. When all is in place, my blog will take you there!IMG_6707


Creating for My Now

Creative Non-Fiction

I was just asked by a well-meaning good friend, “What do you think will happen to all your art journals and your prose journals?” (subtext: when you are dead)

I did not even hesitate, “I do not know. When I create I am not thinking about the future or the creative endeavors’ status in that future. My kids will decide what to do with them.  Maybe I will become famous after I die? Who knows?”

And really?  I am not in the least concerned.  I am driven to chronicle my world via art and prose. The process is so incredibly cathartic and joyful; I create for my now moments. My art and writing has allowed me to discover who I am and how I interact with my world.

It would be wondrous if there are to be grandchildren, and Kip and Kali Dee choose to share my art and prose journals so that their children will know another lifetime and who their maternal “Glamma” was. But I am not hanging on that thought or desire. What will be, will be…to be perfectly cliche.

I will continue to create, driven to express myself through prose, poetry, watercolor, pen and ink and art journaling. Living this life out loud.IMG_5875